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Art as Activism

Changing the world one piece at a time

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art_as_activism started out of my firm belief that art is a very important and effective way to bring about social change.

art allowed here can contain anything from painting, poetry, drawings, digital art, music, zines, posters, pins, stickers, plays, sculpture, printmaking...you name it, if its activist art, its welcome here.

A few rules...I know...but read them anyway:

This is a safe space. It is my community so NO art that is anti (sexuality), anti (race, ethnicity) or anti(gender, size, age) that is created for the sole purpose of being hateful. This is not to say that you cannot post art on these types of topics. I understand satire and I loathe censorship as much as the next person...but this community is trying to improve the world, not spit hate into it. You don't like that rule, DON'T JOIN.

use the lj cut. people appreciate it.

try not to be a jerk. we all have differing political views. at the very least, respect that we're all different.


you may now commence changing the world.